Parent Agreement

Parent Agreement for Sawtry Transport
Dated – July 2010

This document is an agreement between the parent and the bus organiser who wish to use the Dial a Ride service to transport their children to and from Sawtry College during term times.

Dial a Ride will provide the facility for a maximum of 16 children per bus. The names and addresses of the children are passed onto Dial a Ride for route purposes and all parents must agree to the Terms in this document.

Key liaison and payment terms

The key liaison person between Dial a Ride and respective parents will be Brian Stone who will be responsible for the collection of payment for transport. The parent payment method will be online using the family name as reference, for a full half term in advance. The preferred method of communication regarding the term costs will be email and advised in advance of the new term.

Bank account statements and invoices from Dial a Ride will be available for all parents to view by arrangement.

Dial a ride have agreed a daily cost of £64 and is subject to ongoing review. Any variation in costs will be advised as soon as they have been confirmed by Dial a Ride.

Under subscription

Subject to the notice period below, if any parents wish to withdraw their child from the bus service at any time during the school year then the total daily cost, which is fixed, will be distributed amongst the remaining children and every effort will be made to fill any vacant seats. Examples of scales are shown below:

Number of children on busMaximum Daily Cost £

Notice period

One full term's notice is required for parents who no longer wish to use the service; in the event of this not being possible parents will not be refunded from any payment already received. Payments must cover the full term of the notice period.

Safety And Behaviour

Safety of the children is of the utmost importance, and parents must enforce the appropriate behaviour code to their children whilst using the transport.

The children should: -

  • Be seated at all times whilst the bus is in transit. 
  • Use the seat belts provided  
  • Have respect for the driver and other passengers 
  • Refrain from throwing articles around the bus

Routes and Timings

Dial a Ride will be in control of all routes and will advise Brian Stone of the preferred transportation route including all pickup and drop off points and timings.
Parental agreement

All parents must give their consent in accordance with the terms of this agreement, please place your signature below, date and return to:
Brian Stone
34 Hayes Walk


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